Massage Therapist or Masseur

Massage Therapist or Masseur

Did you know that massage has been practiced since ancients ago as therapy? Yes, massage is a powerful technique that is well known worldwide to relieve tension and restore energy to our body and soul.

Many cultures such as Greek, Rome and Asia have explored the benefits of massage and modify it accordingly to give better prospects in terms of diverse prospects such as sensuality, energy revival and pain relief.

Massage Therapist or Masseur

The mechanism of massage focuses on the striking and skin contact between the masseur and the client. With proper massage technique, it can decrease the muscle stiffness thus allowing better blood flow. As a result, the body will feel relaxed and refreshed.

What Makes a Best Masseur?

The best massage therapist should know the client’s condition and need. They must make them feel comfortable with the surrounding.

Proper and polite introduction would be a great start for a successful massage session. To initiate and develop good communication, the masseur will start with small talks to light up the room.

Bella Balines Outcall Massage Service

In Bella Balines, we are determined to give you the best outcall massage service in Kuala Lumpur and nearby area, with a wide range of massage packages to choose from.

From 30 minutes to 2 hours of massage therapy session, you deserve the best massage experience from us. Please scroll into for more details.

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