Guidelines for Health Massage Services During Covid 19

Guidelines for Health Massage Services During Covid 19

Bella Balines – The COVID-19 pandemic is not over. Many surveys say that this pandemic has a lot to do with people’s mental health. One of the disturbances that are often experienced by society is stress. To deal with the enormous amount of stress and possible stress, many people choose to do massage with the hope of relaxing the body and getting back in shape. However, is it safe to do massage during a pandemic like this?

Currently, many massage and therapy practices have begun to open. People can do massage at the practice place or use home services. However, the risk of transmission that occurs during the massage must also be watched out for. Because according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when doing massage, the greatest possible risk is physical contact or lack of social distancing.

This is because COVID-19 can be transmitted to people who are less than one meter away through the breathing created when people cough, sneeze or even talk. The use of tools at the same time also triggers the risk of transmission of COVID-19. For example, frequently touched surfaces such as massage tables, mattresses, and even massage clothes.

The association of professional massage services stated that the practice of massage and therapy can be reopened on the condition that it continues to implement health protocols recommended by the government, such as:

  1. Full understanding of health protocols and practice guide updates.
  2. Obtain a health license that the people who work in it are free from COVID-19.
  3. Using personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and clean clothing.
  4. Institutionalize thorough cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing protocols in massage rooms and public areas.
  5. Keep doing social distancing and limiting the number of clients.
  6. Improve communication by ordering online to minimize physical contact during check-in and check out.
  7. Cancellation policy if the client or therapist shows signs of illness.

Apart from the above provisions, it is also very necessary for the masseuse or therapist to clean or sterilize the massage room regularly to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. Opening windows and increasing ventilation for individual rooms is one of the ideal measures to reduce the risk of transmission.

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