Impact of Health Massage During the Covid Pandemic 19

Impact of Health Massage During the Covid Pandemic 19

Bella Balines – In this new normal era, massage therapy can be the right means of relaxation in releasing fatigue from the day’s activities that we do. But not only that, massage can relieve symptoms of certain diseases. Massage is a general term for the activity of putting pressure on the limbs, especially the skin, muscles, and tendons with certain techniques.

Today, massage therapies are available ranging from expensive spas to traditional masseurs that can be called home. Even in shopping centers, you can enjoy massage services with tools or the assistance of a therapist at affordable prices.

Massage has become an alternative treatment technique in addition to medical treatment for various diseases. Apart from generally functioning as a means of relaxation to relieve depression and anxiety, here are some good effects of doing massage during the Covid pandemic19.

1. Relieves headaches.

Research has shown that massage can relieve migraine pain and help sufferers of other types of headaches such as the stress experienced by some people due to the prolonged COVID19 pandemic.

2. Relieves back pain.

Research has shown that massage can relieve symptoms of chronic back pain, such as the effect of taking too long of rest during prolonged quarantines. Although actually massage is not the main treatment for treating back pain.

3. Osteoarthritis.

Patients who undergo massage therapy 1-2 times a week can experience less pain and stiffness in their knees due to osteoarthritis.

4. Cancer.

Massage can be used as a side therapy which is proven to be a means of relaxation and reduces the symptoms or side effects of cancer treatment. Massage can also build the immune system to protect the body from exposure to the Covid19 virus.

Besides, research has also found the good effects of massage therapy such as alleviating disorders in other conditions, such as fibromyalgia, stress, treatments for infant development, indigestion, myofascial pain syndrome (intense muscle tension in one or several areas), and others. -other.

So after listening to this review, you already know some of the good effects of doing massage on the body, thank you for reading, hope it is useful. And don’t forget to follow health protocols when doing massage therapy.

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