Coronavirus Vaccination: Here’s Why You Are Asked To Not Rub Or Massage The Injection Site After Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination has emerged as one of the primary keys to leveraging life in this pandemic. Be it any vaccine you get, the take-home message is to get vaccinated, and keep following appropriate norms to maximise immune protection. As with the vaccination itself, there are some do’s and don’ts that experts recommend to minimize side effects and keep the vaccine doing its job well.

While some of the basic rules dictate to not stress the body out before or after the vaccine and avoid the use of excessive painkillers, some experts also suggest that those who have been vaccinated should avoid rubbing the injection site too much, and as a measure, avoid putting excess pressure on the area too.

Even though pain at the injection site is something which is the most typical of vaccination side-effects, massaging the area is also something not routinely suggested with other vaccines. Wondering why? We tell you.

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