Creating a relaxing atmosphere

Gentle and calming strokes, as well as powerful pressure point stimulations, are used in this approach. 
The therapist begins with massaging the legs, then the back and arms are firmly frictioned, and finally the scalp is carefully massaged. 
To increase the flow of blood, lymph, and energy, therapists utilise combination of gentle stretches, skin rolling, kneading and stroking, and pressure-point stimulation.

Those who perform the treatment must know which are the most recommended types of touch and the way they move the patient’s limbs; they also must be able to create a relaxing, calming and soothing atmosphere because the Balinese massage soothes the body as well as mind.

To make the treatment more effective, therapists use vegetable oils including jojoba, sesame, Thaitian monoi and coconut oil, as well as scented essential oils such as ylang-ylang and rose oil. Some essential oils suitable for this type of massage are very rare and can be exclusively found in the island of Bali or, more generally, in Indonesia, such as frangipani essential oil. This is particularly appreciated by Balinese people because it boosts the mood.

The traditional massage of the Indonesian island of Bali helps reduce stress, stimulates the flow of blood, relieves strained muscles, helps detoxify the body, nourishes and softens the skin. Both women and men can receive this treatment provided that they don’t suffer from some pathologies for which the massage is not recommended.


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