Great Effects of Balinese Massage

Massage is a healing technique by pressing and massaging pain points such as muscles, joints and nerves. Massage is also an attempt to restore fitness, due to exhaustion, stress or accelerate recovery after hospitalization in the hospital. Massage is part of traditional healing methods that are classified as ancient. This method is trusted since the civilization of early humans until lasted until the modern era today.

Balinese Massage is a form of massage therapy developed in Bali Indonesia as an alternative medical treatment. This massage therapy uses a combination of massage techniques that include a variety of acupressure reflections and aromatherapy massage. The patient can expect a deep relaxation therapy experience and an improvement in his or her medical condition. This type of massage was founded on the ayurveda technique practiced by Buddhist monks as a natural way of treatment. Balinese massage practiced the same technique of blocking qi in the patient’s body as the types of Oriental massage therapy. So, do you know what the effects of Balinese massage? Here are the lists.

Relaxation throughout the body may be the most common visible effect of this type of massage therapy. The body relaxes with each massage stroke and manipulation of each pressure point with acupressure and reflection methods. Aroma herbal therapy is used specifically in soothing and calming the patient’s emotions. When the limbs that feels sore, resulting in the circulation of blood from the heart becomes obstructed. If massage points are sequestered directly help to smooth blood circulation to the limbs that stiff.

Recovering your mood
Aromatherapy massage is also important in setting up a mood in space that greatly enhances the healing ability as well as the relaxing experience of Balinese massage. Each essential oil has its own healing energy and calming effect when applied to the skin although some of these oils may have negative effects on sensitive skin.

Muscles become slack
Balinese massage therapy also includes deep tissue massage that helps relieve the patient from all kinds of muscle pain. This type of therapy not only focuses on calming the body but also aims for total body health. Each stroke stimulates the nervous system that improves the patient’s mood and heightens the feeling of health.

Acupressure is known to target pressure points that address the corresponding parts of the body. As the therapist performs an acupressure technique with his or her hands relaxed and relaxed with every pressure application. The main purpose of acupressure in this therapy is to regain strength for weakened muscle groups relaxing stiff muscles and easing muscle aches.

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