Main Differences between Swedish & Balinese Massage

Many consumers today are baffled by the over 200 different massage styles on offer in many spa and wellness centres, all of them touting numerous physical and emotional benefits. For aspiring spa therapists, the situation is little different when they have to decide which courses to study based on their personal ambitions and career goals.

To further complicate the terminology confusion, throughout most of Europe Swedish Massage is today almost always referred to as classic massage, yet in other parts of the world Swedish Massage is the prevalent label.

Essentially, Balinese Massage involves far more movement techniques than its predecessor, Swedish Massage. This is an outcome of Bali’s absorption of so many cultural influences since tourists from around the globe arrived on the island in the 1900’s.

Swedish Massage is still considered enormously therapeutic and helpful in reducing pain, helping joint stiffness, increasing flexibility and improving circulation.

Although today Balinese Massage approaches vary around the island, after much research Bali BISA’s techniques follow tradition with attention to giving customers a calming massage and many health rewards. In addition to the five above standard techniques, these are also taught in this unique modality.

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