Yoni Massage Therapy: Orgasm, Other Benefits, Techniques, Positions

Yoni Massage Therapy: Orgasm, Other Benefits, Techniques, Positions

While clitoral stimulation is a good predictor of sex, massage or tantric breast massage is a good warmth of the yoni massage. The goal here is to relax and gradually build up your passion.

Start with coconut oil on the stomach and rub well there. The abdomen is an area often overlooked in the body but has many emotional consequences. Clean the ribs, between the breasts, and the lower abdomen.

When the body begins to respond, gently rotate the breasts before circling the areolae — do not touch the nipples yet. When the human body is very sensitive, begin to move the nipples by rotating the circles and squeezing them slightly, even between light, medium, and strong touches.

Once you have warmed up the body by massaging the breasts and stimulating the nipple, it is time to move on to the techniques of massive ion massages.


This is a very emotional massage – but not about sex or premarital sex.

The purpose of Yoni Massage Therapy is to help you feel more comfortable and have a better understanding of what you are feeling.

Yoni’s Sanskrit word for the vagina, which translates to “holy place.”
Yoni Massage is applied to the vagina as a part of the body, it deserves respect and dignity.

It can be done alone or with a partner, taking things in stride or not.

Are you attracted? Here’s how to get started.

Yoni Massage allows you to explore your body slowly, tactfully and emotionally – without the usual pressure on a partner.

The ultimate goal is to make your skin more comfortable and more in tune with your body.

If you have been sexually abused, you may find it helpful.

For some, a slow and purposeful approach can help to reconnect with the body and move from a positive state to an emotional one.

Yoni massage can be very stimulating. The exercise focuses on various emotional areas, including the breasts and abdomen.

Although orgasm is possible, it is not the ultimate goal.

If you do clemax, that doesn’t matter. You may also experience a lot of orgasm, especially as you develop your tantrum experience.

This does not mean, however, that the practice should be strenuous. For many people, the experience is more emotional – than sex – naturally.

To get the most out of it, try to release your expectations.

Focus on what you are feeling and be open to exploring different emotions.

This is a spiritual practice, so your mind comes into play as your body. They both want to make sure they are ready for the test.
Prepare your mind

If you have never tried any junk food, you may need to put some extra effort into these first steps.

It is important that you get into practice with an open mind and heart. Ignore any judgments or predictions you may encounter.

Take several minutes to warm up with breathing exercises.

Breathe in and out with a deep, slow and audible breath. Force the air out of your stomach in and out.

You want to maintain these breathing techniques during practice.
Prepare your place

You can arrange your space on your bed, on the floor or on other comfortable furniture.

Add pillows and blankets to give a soft foundation and consider turning the lights down or creating an atmosphere to light candles.
Prepare your body

Ready to get started

Slide the pillow under his back and another under his head.

Bend his knees and place his feet on the floor.

Gently open the legs to expose the vagina.

Warm the body with emotional contact;

Stomach and abdomen massage.

Gently massage the breasts and around the areola. Leave the nipples alone for the first few minutes. Then gently pull them or pinch them.

Stop to massage the upper legs and inner thighs and return to the vagina.

Yoni Massage is unique to everyone. If you are a beginner, these tips are a good place to start.
Making a trophy

Cover your hand with a cup shape and hold it over your vagina.

Move your hand slowly in a circular motion.

Slowly begin to fold your hand over the opening of the vagina.

Using the palms of your hands to massage the entire area.


With your fingertips, turn the clitoris clockwise and counterclockwise.

Distinguish between small, tight circles and large ones.

Change the pressure you use with your finger.

Pushing and dragging

Gently push the clitoris down, doing small movements.

Then, as you press on the clitoris, pull the finger toward the rod.

Repeat on the clitoris on both sides.


Gently hold the clitoris between the thumb and index finger.

Gently pull the clitoris away from the body.

Remove and release vaginal lips.

Gently pull between the vaginal area.

roll out

Hold the clitoris between your thumb and index finger.

Slowly and gently slide the clitoris between your fingers as if trying to grab it.

In addition to special massage techniques, you or your partner can try tanneries to increase bonding and stimulation.
If you are lonely

Solo Yoni Massage is a wonderful practice. Finding a comfortable place is important to prepare for relaxation and massage.

Sit up straight and cross your legs.

Place your hands, palms down, on your knees.

Breathe in and out slowly, breathing in and out of your stomach

Hands on heart

Cross back and legs straight.

Gently place your right hand on your heart.

Close your eyes. Begin to feel your heartbeat below your arm. Focus on the energy and emotions that your heart feels.

Breathe deeply, building the connection between your hand and your heart.

If you are with a partner

With a partner, you can have easy opportunities anywhere. The following are good for beginners or experienced professionals.

Have your spouse sit with his or her back straight.

Gently rest your body on your partner’s upper thigh, covering your legs around them.

Cut your ankles behind your partner.

Look at each other and start breathing. Try to breathe in unison.


You and your spouse should start sleeping on the left side in a comfortable position, such as a bedroom or on a sealed floor.

The person receiving the massage should be a “small” spoon.

Calculate your heart and stomach.

Breathe deeply, try to be united.

If you are more skilled at Tantra or Yoni Massage, you can try new techniques that may be more fun.
G-spot massage

In the rehearsals, the G-spot is known as the Holy Place. Massage creates great joy.

To do this:

Turn your first or two fingers into a hidden C shape.

Gently slide your fingers toward the vagina. Use an ointment for lightness and comfort.

Gently massage the inside of the vagina when the fingers are fully penetrated. Feel the soft, sponge area that should be placed directly behind the clitoris.

When you find it, continue to massage gently. You can use the “Come Here” movement to slowly roll your finger forward.

Switch your stroke between fast and slow. Use pressure to increase and decrease.

You can use your other hand to massage your clitoris for extra sensation.

Organase Control (Edge)

Edge is the practice of reaching the level of the orgasm and turning back to protect the end point. When you do orgasm, it can lead to high mood and high mood.

To do this:

Slow down when you feel your body reach a peak. Slowly pull your hand away or move your partner’s hand.

Take time to cool. Place your hand on your heart and breathe deeply and slowly.

When you are ready, continue masturbating or allow your partner to start massaging again. Work up to orgasm.

You can fold your orgasm again, or you can finish. The more often you have an orgasm, the happier you will be when you reach orgasm.

Although you do not have an official certificate of Tantric Yoni Massage, you can still find a professional who can perform this task professionally and brilliantly.

Before booking, make sure you ask about the professional background and permission to practice.

Must have a certificate of physiotherapy training or massage therapy. You may also have completed a course of healing and sexual energy or energy techniques.

Ask for an information session with the masses when you think you are ready to take a seat.

An expert will happily go through the process and answer any questions you may have. If you are unwilling to take this session with you, you should continue your search.

If you are interested in Yoni Massage or other challenging exercises, look for professional Tantara instructors to help you learn.

For example, Sophia Sandari and Leila Martin are two well-respected teachers.

Martin also created and established the Integrated Sexual Database Institute, which provides a variety of storytelling programs for individuals and couples.

You can check out online resources like Embody Tantra to help you get started.

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