Dont take sick dental medicine only 5 minutes of massage is guaranteed at this place!

Dont take sick dental medicine only 5 minutes of massage is guaranteed at this place!

A toothache is a very excruciating pain and I want to get my teeth extracted at the clinic because of something like this. Want to ease your pain…? ?

Good thing you already know that a toothache in the middle of the night is a terrible thing. Sometimes it hurts so much that you cant sleep. Most people who cannot tolerate pain choose anti-inflammatory drugs to stop the pain. But in reality this method is not completely accurate. The roots of our teeth are very sensitive. The anti-inflammatory drugs that we consume are mostly absorbed by the body and only a small part can pass through the blood to the dental pulp tissue.

The quickest and most effective way is to inject the drug into the tooth cavity but this can only be done in a clinic. However it is a very effective way to reduce inflammation and infection. There is a small hole between our teeth that contains blood vessels nerve cells and pulp tissue. Inflammation during a toothache is redness around the tooth that is hot and painful. Injections of new drugs can reach the source of inflammation. As teeth age especially in people 50 and older. Both children and the elderly should chew hard foods like crab bones shellfish and nuts to prevent tooth decay. If you have cavities or loose teeth that are accompanied by painful chewing or swollen gums you should see your doctor right away. Toothache medicine cant solve the problem what should I do if it is not treated in time!

Here are some ways you can do it without taking painkillers:

1. Press and massage the point between the thumb and forefinger until the pain subsides.

This point is called the hoku point. Besides being able to cure toothache, massaging this point can also cure headaches and neck pain.

2. If the tooth feels hot and sore, press with ice on the cheek or face that hurts.

3. Gargling with salt water has also been shown to reduce pain. Salt can help neutralize the lactic acid created by dietary sugars and significantly slow down the spoilage process. Warm salt water can also help soothe inflamed tissue.

Don’t get used to taking painkillers when you have a toothache, it’s not only useless but also has an immune effect if you eat it often!

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