The 5 Best Types of Massage for Back Pain Relief

The 5 Best Types of Massage for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the leading causes of body dysfunction worldwide. Massage is one of the ancient arts. Some studies mention that the first order took place in China in 2700 BC. From there it spread to the Middle East Greece and India. Nothing heals the body like a massage which not only relieves physical fatigue but also does many other good things. For back pain there are 5 types of massage that are best for your back pain. In this article we will discuss how massage can treat the cause of back pain and what types of massage can help reduce the pain you are experiencing.


When muscles are overworked for long periods of time without rest body tissues stick together like tendons. For these networks to function properly they must move freely. These joints create adhesions that cause small weak muscles. tendonitis or nerve blockage. It will stay that way unless it is softened with proper care. This condition eventually causes pain.

Other reasons that can cause muscles to become tense or weak include:

– Improper posture

-Incorrect biomechanics

-Leaving pain in an earlier injury without doing appropriate treatment

-muscle tension

– Ligament joint sprain

So, the massage will manipulate and stretch the soft tissues of the body. The purpose of this manipulation is to provide relaxation and relieve stress while relieving pain.

As a result, after the body massage, you will feel calm and well-being.

How can you reduce pain and improve quality of life?

In general massage increases pain and blood flow to the muscles. This enhances healing by delivering nutrients through the blood and ridding the body of harmful waste products. As the massage therapist needs you your brain also relaxes by releasing the chemicals serotonin and endorphins. Increased serotonin reduces pain. Increased serotonin also helps treat mood disorders such as depression emotional stress and stress which also play a role in treating chronic pain. Regular high-quality massages can also improve muscle flexibility and loosen tight connective tissue that can cause pain. Although light suspension may seem expensive it saves money by reducing hospital visits painkiller use and treatment costs. The effect of massage on the body will be achieved through exercise and a good diet. The practical benefits of massage are becoming more apparent in the effort to reduce the health problems that plague society today to the extent that many health plans now offer coverage that includes the cost of medical treatment.


Massage uses a combination of different techniques. The best massage technique for a therapist to use depends on the goals of the massage therapy. Some of the best massage techniques for back pain are:

1) Effleurage: This technique uses the palm and fingers. This is a long stroke from the top of the muscle to the bottom, usually at the beginning or end of the massage (or both).

2) Pe trissage: Rolling and kneading the muscles, like kneading bread dough. The pressure can be changed according to the sensitivity of the customer.

The massage therapist may focus on areas that are “crunchy” or tense with the feeling of wind seeds. The massage therapist will start with a light petrissage and will increase the pressure to stretch tense and tight muscles.

3) Tapotement: Light and rhythmic tapping or drumming. These techniques vary in pressure and speed and can be relaxed or energetic.

4) Friction: Deep pressure applied to certain muscles to induce release or soften problematic and tense muscles.

5) Vibration: Shaking or moving certain parts of the body such as legs or arms to encourage tight muscles to be stretched.

These techniques can be used in the same session, or your therapist may choose to focus on just one or two at a time.

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