Balinese Massage Techniques

Balinese Massage Techniques

This guide to Balinese massage techniques explains the types of massage and spa treatments you can expect on the famous Isle of the Gods. A must-read for those who decide to relax and unwind on one of Indonesias most popular vacations. This must-read gives you some idea of ​​what to expect when booking a spa on the island. And its a complicated routine of how essential oils can help relieve stress and anxiety. Well show you how Balinese versions of ancient massage techniques can help you relax on vacation and explore other forms of massage you can try. Arrive at the island with surfers and hot stone massages that give you all kinds of other benefits. Your guide will also advise you on individual spas where you can experience Balinese massage techniques firsthand.

Technique 1: Acupressure

Technique 2: Skin rolling, kneading, and stroking


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