Balinese massage started in Bali Island. Balinese massage is one of the oldest traditional massage techniques in Indonesia that has been passed down from generation to generation as a way to treat various ailments. Balinese massage is unique in that it combines the essential oil of jasmine sandalwood with the wonderful aroma of frangipani massage therapy. Coconut

Many massage techniques such as Balinese massage attempt to achieve a state of ultimate relaxation for the body and mind. What makes this different is that the Balinese believe that to achieve a state of high relaxation the blood and oxygen must flow again and then the qi or energy can flow without restriction. Balinese massage treatments are performed in the usual way. The oil absorption of the massage table is intended to help promote relaxation and relaxation of the body and the release of stress and tension.

It reaches the muscle tissue in The therapist alternately uses a powerful combination of skin rotation and gentle rocking movements of the body moving the cross fibers. Powerful acupressure movements such as firm pressure points and firm palm pressure are only used in addition to standard massage techniques to improve results with long-lasting effects. Basically this treatment is a rigorous but very luxurious therapeutic treatment that allows you to bring the best spiritual peace and rejuvenation to maintain harmony and complete mental health allowing you to enjoy the next experience and light.

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