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Our masseur will come to your place as per requested. We cover on Kuala Lumpur area especially Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Ampang, Petaling Jaya and Damansara as well as KLIA and Putrajaya with additional fee for transportation cost.

Choose any 7 of our recommended massage services such as:


Get a taste of our local, exclusive Malay massage technique that will free you from stress, both physically and emotionally speaking! This massage uses a combination of techniques like effleurage, petrissage, friction, kneeding or hacking. This massage is effective for those of you who are suffering from back pain, joint pain, knee pain and insomnia.

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Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massage in the world. It involves the use of hands, forearms or elbows to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to improve mental and physical health. Here, we use classic Western oil to emphasize on the relaxation of muscles, soft tissue and joints by applying long, rhythmic strokes. You may select from light, medium or intense pressure.
The benefits: Increase blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation, Decrease stress and muscle tension, and Improve range of motion.


Balinese massage was developed in the Indonesia province of Bali, a popular destination for travelers. With the uniqueness of this kind of massage, Balinese massage has made its way to top spa centers all over the world; it fuses together deep-tissue massage with aromatherapy, gentle stretching, long strokes, skin rolling and light acupressure for a beautifully relaxing, holistic healing treatment.
The benefits: Help reduce stress, Stimulate the blood flow, Relieve strained muscles, Help detoxify the body, Nourish and soften the skin


Heighten your low intimacy and sensual arousal with our tantric and sexual massage that can restore your imbalanced energy. The benefits: Improvement of health and vitality, Clear the mind, Reduce stress and promote relaxation


Deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and the connective tissue. No massaging oil is used as we focus on pinpointing to determine and relax the tension body parts. You will feel revived just immediately! It is employed for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.


With a blending of essential oils, we combine gentle and relaxing touches that are specifically designed to induce and restore the harmonious interaction of body and soul. First, the essential oils are absorbed through the skin and produce the stimulation of higher psychological conditions. Second, the inhaled aroma will affect the brain receptions especially ones that control memory and emotional response. The benefits: Reduce depression and anxiety, Treat insomania, Ease menopausal symptoms, Rejuvenation and cure through essential oil


Originated in Japan. Shiatsu is a style of bodywork that uses finger pressure to specific points on the body, rocking movements, stretches and joint rotations to restore the healthy flow of energy (chi in Chinese, ki in Japanese) to the body. This oriental approach of rebalancing physical and energy relies on the application of pressure on body parts such as forearms, knees, feet, thumbs, fingers and palms. The benefits: • Restore the nervous, lymphatic, hormonal, and circulatory systems to improve overall health • Aid in the prevention and treatment of illness by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities • Improve coordination and range of motion and increases stamina and vitality • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate while increasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers

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Bella Balines massage will give you a completely relaxing full body massage will make you feel fantastic and is a great benefit to any part of your day.

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Areas Covered Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Ampang, Petaling Jaya, Damansara and for KLIA, Putrajaya, give transport.

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