MUST KNOW! How to Massage Health During Covid 19 Which is Safe

MUST KNOW! How to Massage Health During Covid 19 Which is Safe

Bella Balines – Many people may feel stressed due to the period of lockdown or self-isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. But after the new normal rules come into effect, everyone is allowed to return to their activities even though the pandemic is not over, but on condition that they use personal protective equipment and comply with health protocols established by the government.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has specific recommendations on how to do activities as safely as possible when doing your daily activities. Several activities may be at risk of transmitting Covid-19, such as swimming, salon treatments to body massages.

When you do a massage, the greatest risk of contracting Covid-19 can occur when you interact very closely with a masseuse or therapist who serves customers. Therefore, in this update, we will review how to massage health during Covid19 which is safe to avoid Covid-19 transmission.

How to Massage Health During a Pandemic?
The safe way to get a body massage

Professional massage practitioners have some in-depth information about how to massage safely and comfortably during the Covid-19 pandemic. Professional massage practitioners also recommend several things that can be done so that massage services remain safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, namely:

  1. Follow a health protocol by maintaining thorough hygiene, disinfecting, and sanitation in the massage room. Not forgetting public areas and any objects that visitors can easily touch
  2. Wear personal protective equipment, including a mask and gloves, when massaging
  3. Perform proper hand hygiene
  4. Provide services for clients to make an appointment before the massage
  5. Allow clients to break promises if they show signs of illness
  6. Ask the client to fill out a form before undergoing a massage
  7. Ask the client to undergo the correct health protocol during a massage, such as washing hands and wearing a mask

This includes asking the therapist to wear a mask at all times, wear gloves, change clothes, and aprons after serving clients. Professional massage practitioners also recommend that masseurs do a pre-medical check-up for clients before performing massage services.

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