Some Benefits of Health Massage During the Covid19 Pandemic You Should Know

Some Benefits of Health Massage During the Covid19 Pandemic You Should Know

Bella Balines – After a long period of quarantine to break the chain of spread of Covid19, stress the body and brain, and after the implementation of the new normal policy, many people prefer massage activities which are one way to relieve fatigue in the body after fatigue and stress.

Even though it looks easy, in fact not everyone can do reflexology. This movement of pressing, rubbing, or massaging the tissues and muscles with the hands requires special techniques and expertise. Not without reason, wrong movements can have quite a serious impact.

In fact, apart from relieving fatigue, muscle stress and healing injuries, there are many benefits of reflexology for health, here are some of the benefits of massage in the Covid19 pandemic.

1. Blood Circulation

First, it helps improve blood circulation. Movement in reflexology is able to open knots in blood vessels, so that the veins and veins can work more optimally in flowing blood and various health problems caused by poor circulation due to lack of movement during quarantine can be healed and smooth again.

2. Helps Reduce Symptoms of Certain Diseases

According to experts, massage can reduce symptoms of certain diseases. This method of therapy that has existed since 4,000 years ago in China is the most powerful treatment and prevention because it can drastically increase immunity which can also be ascertained to fight the effects of contracting the Covid19 Virus.

3. Helps Reduce Stress

Even though it only focuses on the muscles of the body, massage has proven to be effective in reducing stress. Such as massage of the feet.The feet are the best place to detect any health problems in the body. Initially, it was painful and uncomfortable. However, doing it regularly makes the discomfort and pain lessened. Massage and gentle pressure on the feet will make you more relaxed and feel tired and stressed from the effects of Covid19.

According to health experts, massage is aimed at improving the balance of functions and systems in the body. Massage helps the body relax, so it can reduce pain that arises from excessive pressure and stress in the face of the Covid pandemic19. But remember in doing massage, don’t ignore health protocol, always wash your hands before and after doing health.

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